Sunday, August 7, 2011

The Best Auction Site I Trust And Use Is Bidcactus

Launched in April 2009, Bidcactus is a new type of experience-based auction site that combines the thrill of real-world entertainment with efficiency and value of online shopping.

Clearance AuctionsBidcactus born of desire to provide the online community, with a new approach to "entertainment auction." Because they're virtual, they can adapt quickly in to the universality of products of rapid development in a way which is virtually impossible for land-based businesses. Thus Bidcactus can give its customers the ways to access modern, advanced product lines offered in digital and electronic communities.

Bidcactus features only new merchandise. Bidding starts at just $ 0.01, no reserve. The offerings are only $ 0.75 each and ared available in bidpacks 30, 50, 100, 150 and 250 meaning you can walk to a winner with only a percentage invested! With each bid placed the price of items in a 'increases by $ 0.10, $ 0.05, or $ 0.01, based on the kind of auction. Once you bid, the counter re-sets up to 30 seconds. An auction ends when no further bids and a winner!
Visitors can start bidding for free, without making any purchases at

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