Sunday, October 30, 2011

Celestron 44340 LCD Digital LDM Biological Microscope

Celestron 44340 LCD Digital LDM Biological Microscope

Celestron 44340 LCD Digital LDM Biological Microscope

LCD Digital Microscope replaces traditional eyepieces with an LCD Screen for easy and comfortable viewing for yourself and to share with others. The LCD Digital Microscope also features a built-in digital camera for quick and easy snapshots or short videos. Store captured photos and clips on the optional SD card or transfer them to your personal computer via included USB cable.

This innovative product combines advanced professional grade microscope features and an easy to use point and shoot camera. The Celestron LCD Digital Microscope is an ideal tool for up close examination of everything from stamps, coins and other common objects to specimen slides of yeasts, molds, cultures, fibers, bacteria and insects.

Compound (Biological) Microscope, 40 to 400 Power - up to 1600 Power with Digital Zoom, Built-in Digital Camera - 2 Mega Pixels - Acts as 10x eyepiece, View with 3.5" (88 mm) LCD Screen with 4x Digital Zoom, Top and Bottom LED Illumination

Company: Celestron

List Price: $316.95

Amazon Price: $158.95

Used Price: $170.99

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