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Disney's Little Einsteins - Our Big Huge Adventure

Disney's Little Einsteins - Our Big Huge Adventure

Disney's Little Einsteins - Our Big Huge Adventure
Little Einsteins is an exciting, educational program created by Disney and Baby Einstein that combines animation, real-life photography, and famous music and artwork with instantly likeable characters who have a passion for music and adventure. In this DVD prelude to the Playhouse Disney series (premier October 2005), Leo, June, Quincy, Annie, and Rocket set out to help a little caterpillar find the musical tree of many colors so that it can become a beautiful butterfly. The journey proves complex, but the ever-cheerful group uses their musical knowledge, careful listening skills, and ingenuity to ensure success. Beethoven's famous Ninth Symphony is featured extensively throughout the 61-minute program and viewers ages 3 to 7 are encouraged to sing and clap along as they learn about rhythm, melody, musical terms and careful listening skills. Viewers also delve, quite literally, into the artwork of masters that include Van Gogh and Monet, visit American cities and wildernesses, and get a first-hand look at the amazing butterfly migration down the East Coast of the United States to Mexico. DVD Bonus features include a "Navajo Maze Game" that tests listening skills; "DisneyPedia," a more in-depth look at Beethoven's Ninth Symphony, the cities visited in the program, and the annual butterfly migration; and "Backstage Disney: Meet the Team" with more information about the show's main characters. --Tami Horiuchi

AC-3, Closed-captioned, Color, Dolby, DVD, NTSCGet ready to blast off with the premiere of DISNEY'S LITTLE EINSTEINS(TM)! Created by Disney and the award-winning Baby Einstein Company, this all-new movie will take your child on a thrilling musical adventure in the real world in order to complete an important mission and learn along the way. In OUR [BIG] HUGE ADVENTURE, Leo, June, Quincy, Annie, Rocket, and your child will blast off on thei

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