Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Newbies Guide to Web design

The Newbies Guide to Web design

Here's a summary of everything you will learn in this information-packed resource...

From the basics:

Why you really do need a website...
Make money online
Post your online resume, easily updated, easily available, with interactive links to really show what you've done in past jobs or education
Keep up with friends and family - announce a new engagement, wedding, baby, achievement, job, move

Simplifying the jargon - then using it

Know your COM, BIZ, NET, ORG, INFO, WS, etc.
Know what you don't need to know about HTML, JAVA, PHP, ASP, etc. - and what you do

How do they do that? And should you?

Spinning, bouncing, fading pop-ups
Animated GIFs
Streaming audio/video

The myth of the all-knowing programmer or site designer
Most use the same tools available to you
A lot of those tools are free
Many are no more difficult to use than clicking a mouse button

Advertise your current brick-and-mortar (offline) business
Provide a map to your store or office
Offer "specials" you can change daily without spending a dime
Showcase your service or product

Start a new business online

Or expand the one you have to as large a customer base as you desire
A website can focus tightly on a single city, even a neighborhood
Or it can bring in new customers from all over the planet

Learn the history of the Net, how it came to be, where it's at, where it's going
Not knowing this is like voting with no knowledge of democracy or the candidates and issues
Your choice: Teach your children - or hope they will teach you