Saturday, November 26, 2011

Wipeout In the Zone

Wipeout In the Zone

Wipeout In the Zone
Wipeout: In the Zone X360 Kinect... Say HELLO to the BIG BALLS... as you tackle your favorite Wipeout obstacles. Now you can get punched in the face in the comfort of your own home! Run over 50 obstacles including your old friends the SUCKER PUNCH and the BIG BALLS; With unlockable characters and spankin' new episodes, this is some quality family time...the kind where you get to pelt each other with stuff, that is; Play with your Xbox LIVE avatar and let it do the DIRTY work for you; Watch your craziest course moments captured with REPLAYS.

Video Game:

Company: Activision Publishing


List Price: $49.99

Amazon Price: $45.50