Saturday, December 17, 2011

One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game

One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game

One on One: Behind the Scenes with the Greats in the Game
After numerous beloved and bestselling sports books, John Feinstein returns to the subjects of his first ten books, crafting a narrative of the most revealing encounters he's had.

Feinstein has interviewed some of the most enduring figures in sports--from hallowed coaches such as Bob Knight, Jim Valvano, Mike Krzyzewski, and Dean Smith to beloved athletes including Jack Nicklaus, Tiger Woods, Arnold Palmer, and John McEnroe, and here we have John Feinstein at his very best. He goes behind the scenes of his reporting from The Final Four, Wimbledon, The US Open, the Army/Navy game, the Olympics, and more, opening up sport's most private, closed-door places and sharing exclusive stories from the reporting of books like Season on the Brink, A Good Walk Spoiled, A Season Inside, and A Civil War.

These are the coaches and athletes who know their games the best, and the legends and legendary moments that gave inherent shape to our favorite pastimes.

Author: John Feinstein

544 pages

Company: Little, Brown and Company

ISBN: 0316079049

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As Seen on TV: Songs from Commercials

As Seen on TV: Songs from Commercials
This collection begs the question: Do the means justify the end? Even the title, As Seen on TV, is so crass one might expect a free set of Ginsu knives to be thrown in with the disc. But the trend set by those savvy TV advertising execs of pushing products from cars to clothes to cruises through hipster songs has resulted in an undeniably quality, albeit disparate, compilation. From the devastatingly simple "Pink Moon," sullenly crooned by the late Nick Drake, to the new wave-punk classic Buzzcocks tune "What Do I Get" to Sarah Vaughan's sassy "What Lola Wants," the 20 tracks here capture a snapshot of 21st-century, post-adolescent life as it is portrayed--you guessed it--through TV. The resulting cultural implications are probably too disturbing to explore (that we are a society where our musical touchstones are fabricated by commercialism), but if you can ignore the source, this compilation has plenty that will speak to the soul and get the body grooving. --Beth Massa

Atists: Various Artists, Cat Stevens, Lemonheads, Cult, Fatboy Slim, Nick Drake, Iggy Pop, T. Rex, Marvin Gaye, Trio

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Company: UTV Records

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